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The President of Russia has declared 2020 the Year of Remembrance and Glory
23 March 2020

On May 9, the country will celebrate the 75th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945.

The Victory Day is a great Celebration of happiness and joy, grieve and loss, worship of the great exploit of the whole country and every person living in it. There is not a single family in Russia whose life had not been terribly affected by the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945. The war broke, disfigured, and mutilated lives of too many.

Our town, like many others, suffered during the years of World War II. Many residents and enterprises had to be evacuated from Ostashkov, including the Tannery, which production had been transferred to Kazakhstan.

In the memory of the tannery’s workers - participants in the Great Patriotic War, a memorial complex was installed at the territory of Volga Tannery which is a stone stele with an engraving "Eternal Glory to the Tanners, Killed during the Years of the Great Patriotic War."

Stone slabs have been installed on both sides of the stele with the names of the heroes who died defending our homeland, bringing a peaceful sky above our heads.

Not far from the stele, there is a board of honor with pictures of our veterans - heroes who went through a terrible war, reminding their heirs of the great feat, dignity, loyalty and honor.

The tannery’s archives carefully store information about each employee who went through this terrible war. Many of them were granted with awards, medals, signs of Honor.

Each year on May 9, the Victory Day, tannery employees organize the ceremony of laying wreaths and fresh flowers at the memorial monument, participate at a march of the solemn column along the central streets of the city.