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We are happy to present our two fundamentally new Articles of finished leather
07 April 2020

At the end of 2019, head technologists of Volga Tannery developed two fundamentally new articles of finished leather. Now these articles have obtained their official number names - 1746 (Crazy Horse Leather) and 1747

Article 1746

Up to four different types of oil and wax have been used in order to create this new Article of finished leather. That allowed us to reach a unique texture with iridescent effects of dimming and brightening at the same time. We decided to give this Article a name “Crazy Horse”, as it associatively refers to items made of natural untreated leather that are inherent in the Wild West sub-culture.

This article is quite popular among shoe manufacturers. Still it can be widely used for creation of all sorts of leather goods. 

Article 1747

Article 1747 looks extremely natural with a play of color tints. It comes as another exclusive novelty of the tannery. It is based on an unpolished grain leather, which allows us to preserve the natural unevenness of the surface. 

The combined effects of dimming and brightening along with high resistance to mechanical damage make this article the most attractive for shoe manufacturers.

Despite the difficulties caused by the Coronovirus pandemic, our sales managers keep working remotely and are always ready to advise you on any questions that might arise.