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Press publications about the tannery
01 April 2020

In the spring issue of ILM international magazine, issued for a Chinese audience of the edition on Mandarin, the publishing house of the magazine published a brief overview of the current situation at the leather industry, produced by the general director of our tannery, Philipp Azarchenkov.

In the review, Mr Azarchenkov answers the key questions:

1. How has 2019 been for your business / organisation?

2. How do you feel about 2020? Do you feel optimistic or pessimistic and why?

3. What do you see as the main challenges ahead for your business as well as the industry as a whole? How are you responding to this? 

4. What do you see as the opportunities for your business as well as the industry as a whole? 

Spring edition of the industry magazine SHOES also published an article devoted to the forecast of the most popular Leather Products in coming season FW 20/21.

The article describes in detail the most relevant leather articles produced by our tannery in the coming season, their features, and key characteristics. In addition, for the first time we presented two fundamentally new articles of finished leather, designed to become the subject of choice for many manufacturers of shoes and bags around the world.