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Volga Tannery is happy to announce that our LWG Gold Rated Certificate has been extended for 12 months
19 May 2020

The LWG Executive Committee have made the decision to grant an automatic extension of 12-months for all leather manufacturers that currently hold a valid LWG audit certificate.

We can assure our partners, colleagues and employees that we will adhere to the highest standards inherent to all holders of the LWG Gold Rated Certificate.

For several years, the environmental safety of all production processes of the tannery has been gradually developing into the special priority area.

The Tannery rules require strict compliance with environmental safety regulations from all its employees, partners and suppliers. 

 “All of us together and every single one of us bear responsibility for our contemporaries as well as for the future generations” (Aurelio Peccei – the Founder of the Club of Rome)