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Volga Tannery has joined the Leather Naturally
07 August 2020

Leather naturally is an industry members association that focuses on education and the promotion of leather. It promotes the use of globally-manufactured sustainable leather and seek to inspire and inform designers, creators, and consumers about its beauty, quality and versatility.

It should start with the fact that leather is a material created by nature itself. Its structure is aimed at protecting the animal's body from a wide range of external influences. It participates in respiration, thermoregulation, metabolic and many other processes, which gives it unique properties. Softness, uniqueness of texture, strength and elasticity, versatility of use, ergonomics, attractive appearance - these are a few characteristics that make leather a truly irreplaceable material.

However, over the past 10 years, with the advent of new technologies, the culture of “fast fashion”, the era of substitutes, as well as the fashion for veganism, leather has rapidly lost its value in the eyes of consumers and ultimately “acquired” negative epithets, mostly its not true. As part of the Leather Naturally association, we hope to make a significant contribution to restoring the positive image of leather as a natural material, the use of which can not only be harmless to the environment, but also have a positive socio-economic contribution for generations of leatherworkers all over the world.