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Let us introduce you to Leather!
16 October 2020

At the beginning of September, the seventh issue of the specialized industry magazine “Shoes” was released where a comprehensive article by the Tannery’s Deputy General Director for Sales, Artem Yurievich Evdokimov, was published.

The article was posted in the middle of a very trying period for the leather industry - a period of reduced/stagnated production amid the spread of the new coronavirus infection.  Adding to that, the latest enhanced activities of animal welfare societies, veganism accepters, manufacturers of synthetic substitutes have discredited leather as a natural material to the point when the industry needed some active actions to be taken in order to protect it from further humiliation. 

We could not stay aside from the ongoing events when solidarity is needed, and decided to have our say on the matter by consistently tracing the leather’s road map starting with the slaughterhouse up to the moment when the leather product completes its lifecycle.

The article gradually debunks many myths created by unscrupulous competing industries, and proves that leather, having begun its journey as a versatile material since prehistoric times and to this day, remains an environmentally friendly versatile product, the production of which brings additional social, utilization, and economic benefits.

So, let us introduce you to Leather!