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Volga Tannery joins the RSKO campaign in defense of the term "Leather"
17 Febrary 2021

On March 16, as part of the business program of the International Exhibition Mosshoes, the international conference "Eco-leather - how it is cheating the buyer" will take place.

To uncover the problem of pseudo-skin in the industry RSKO has composed the article that is consonant with the article of Volga Tannery's Deputy General Director for Sales, Artem Yurievich Evdokimov, published at the "Shoes" magazine in September 2020.

To this day, the problem of depopulating leather following the latest enhanced activities of animal welfare societies, veganism accepters, manufacturers of synthetic substitutes, remains extremely acute and painful.

The article gradually debunks many myths created by unscrupulous competing industries, and proves that leather, having begun its journey as a universal material since prehistoric times, and to this day remains an environmentally friendly universal product, the production of which brings additional social, utilization, and economic benefits.

We call on colleagues, partners, friends of the Tannery, who are not indifferent to the problem of the unfair use of the term "Leather", to read RSKO's article, as well as to join the conference in order to actualize the problem and find solutions to solving it.