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On the 9th of May all the country celebrated the traditional holiday - the Victory in the Great Patriotic War.
01 June 2016

Volga Tannery JSC congratulated the citizens of Ostashkov town and all veterans who participated in the war. The wreathes and fresh  flowers were laid to the war monuments and beds of honor. For our country, this day has a special meaning. It is the sacred memory of those fallen in battles, died of wounds in the time of peace. This is a tribute to the living veterans. Our duty to the generation of winners is to cherish the historical memory of the war, not to leave in oblivion a single fallen soldier, to pay the tribute of gratitude for the brave feats of living veterans of the war and labor front workers, children of war.

In order to maintain the historical continuity of generations, foster an attitude of care towards historical past and present, form moral and spiritual, civil and patriotic qualities of the personality, the column of tannery employees laid wreathes to the memorial in honor of the tanners, fallen in the war. Hundreds of people stood in lines near the monument on the tannery’s territory so that to pay homage to those fallen.