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Volga Tannery presented a new collection "Spring-Summer 2017" in Uzbekistan.
13 June 2016

On invitation of the exhibition organizers, "Uztextil Trade" LLP and Uzbek Leather and Footwear Enterprise Association "Uzbekcharmpoiabzali",  Volga Tannery took part in the 5th International Specialized Exhibition "Shoes, Leather, Clothes and Accessories 2016" held on 18 – 20 May, 2016 in the Palace of Youth Creativity in Tashkent. The goal: attraction of Russian manufacturers, creation of favorable conditions for co-operation both in the country and in the Russian market, forming of strategic directions of long-term co-operation. This exhibition is an internationally recognized event focused on wholesalers and retailers, leather, leather goods and accessories manufacturers in the Central Asia and the only trade exhibition held in Uzbekistan. Our stand aroused interest of all leather and footwear manufacturers.

Organizers and participants of the exhibition welcomed Volga Tannery with enthusiasm. The atmosphere was pleasant and business-friendly, participants of the exhibition demonstrated friendly attitude and sincere joy towards Russian companies.

Now “Russian” stands for quality, reliability and stability. At the meeting, the head of the Uzbek Leather and Footwear Enterprise Association "Uzbekcharmpoiabzali" talked about the Republic of Uzbekistan development programs and emphasized the adopted presidential decree about recreation and upgrading of the leather-and-footwear industry. With that purpose the Association was founded. By the way, all exhibition samples are now in the show-room of the Association. A special corner is allocated for Volga Tannery, which was a pleasant addition to the exhibition completion.