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Volga Tannery successfully continues working on import substitution program
17 September 2015

Volga Tannery participated in the International Import Substitution Exhibition. A large-scale Import Substitution exhibition took place at Crocus Expo Exhibition Centre in the middle of September 2015. The exhibition was dedicated to solution of one of the most acute problems in modern Russia – development and manufacturing of competitive import-substituting products and services. Since February 2015 the tannery has been producing highly purified collagen bovine protein – versatile primary goods widely used in different branches of industry. Before the production launch at Volga Tannery almost all collagen powder was exported from Brazil and European countries. At present Volga Tanneryis the only manufacturer of the product on a commercial scale in Russia. The production is fully based on the tannery’s own innovative technology and own raw materials. Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev and Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation Denis Manturov visited the exhibition, looked around the exposition stands with great interest and attention and talked to Russian manufacturers. Volga Tannery’s stand was one of the most visited: the tannery representatives informed guests about special aspects of manufacturing process and anyone could get a sample of collagen powder. Samples of Volga Tannery’s leather products were also on display at the stand. Although fibrillar collagen is in high demand, it is only produced by a few manufacturers worldwide due to complicated technological process and limited amount of necessary raw materials. The tannery’s product absolutely corresponds to the best foreign analogues while its manufacturing facilities enable to meet the needs of Russian companies in purified collagen protein to the full extent. It is worth pointing out that the product is able not only to saturate the domestic market in the long term, but it is quite competitive on the world market as well. Volga Tannery is planning to significantly increase production of bovine protein as well as goods on its base, thus fully supporting the idea of strengthening import-substituting industries in Russia as the main direction of the national development.