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APLF Results
06 April 2017

APLF MM&T, dedicated to the tanning materials, machinery, technologies and the latest fashion trends, was held in Hong Kong from March 29-31,  2017. Well-known brands, natural and artificial leather manufacturers, suppliers as well as manufacturers of machinery, accessories, footwear and garments took part in this fair.APLF MM&T I, one of the biggest events in the Asian fashion industry, is held twice a year. During the fair Volga Tannery JSC has exhibited a lot of fashion merchandises including the samples of finished leathers’ items as well as wide range of crusts of various colors. The format of APLF is quite popular as the number of exhibitors is constantly increasing. The main long-time exhibitors come from Vietnam, Indonesia, UAE, Pakistan, Turkey, South Korea, Germany, Italy, Russia, China, Japan etc.