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Happy Victory Day!
09 May 2017

On May 9, all Russians celebrated the Victory Day dedicated to the victory in the Great Patriotic War. For the city of Ostashkov, this date has a particular significance. This is a sacred memory of those who fell on the battlefields and died of wounds in peacetime. This is a tribute to the living veterans. Our duty to the generation of the victors is to cherish the historical memory of the war, to avoid burying any of the fallen soldiers in oblivion, and to pay tribute to the living veterans of the war and the labor front, and the children of war for their heroic deed. Despite a considerable shade of sorrow in this holiday, Victory Day is still a symbol of the best that our people have in them: patriotism, faith, love for the Motherland and love of life in general. No other holiday in our country makes people go out to the streets in such great numbers, no other occasion unites people to such a great extent.

In order to maintain the historical continuity of the generations, to cultivate a solicitous attitude to the historical past and present of Russia, and to form spiritual, moral and civil-patriotic qualities of the individual, the employees of the Volga Tannery conducted events dedicated to this significant date.