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The 3rd «Seliger Rybnik» interregional gastronomy festival
14 August 2017

On 13 August 2017, Tourism Association of Tver Region and «Russian Kitchen» Foundation for Preservation of Russian Cuisine, sponsored by the Ministry of Tourism of Tver Region and administration of the Ostashkovsky District Municipality, hosted the 3rd «Seliger Rybnik» interregional gastronomy festival at the Embankment Garden of Ostashkov.

The Festival, held in the scope of the Taste of the Upper Volga project in Tver region, primarily seeks creation and development of the «Seliger Rybnik» gastronomy brand of Seliger and the entire Seligeria recreation area, which will help promote the folk culture of the land of Seliger, preserve the local lore, and capture the attention of tourists.

The contest of fish pies cooked under traditional recipes is a key event at the «Seliger Rybnik» Both chefs from catering and lodging facilities from Tver region, and amateur cooks were invited to join the contest. As usual, the «Seliger Rybnik» gastronomy festival offered a fish market, a Seliger fish broth taste event, a fair, and tasting of farming products, traditional local games Seliger Ryuhi, performances by folk bands and amateurs. The «Seliger Rybnik» festival is an event tourism activity with direct focus on gastronomy, same as the following events: Pozharskaya Cutlet Festival in Torzhok, Porridge Festival in Kashin, Karelian Pie «Wickets» Festival in Likhoslavl district, field kitchen event in Kalyazin and others, which year by year win over increasingly more visitors and participants, and that really matters for development of domestic travel industry and revival of economy in Tver region.