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Next Generation Product - VT-Protein NEO
02 October 2017

  The Volga Tannery’s experts continue working on a new product.

  Having analyzed the results of bovine proteins utilization within the manufacture, the leading technologists of the large meat factories introduced a totally new protein production technology– the new product is called VT-ProNEO.

  VT-ProNEO Protein meets the up-to-date standards applied on meat factories. It is produced as a powder fraction for simple use during manufacturing; it can be directly added in the minced meat and does not require any additional hydration.

 * Water-binding capacity in cold water 1:9
 *  Protein content 90%
 *  Fat and emulsifying efficiency 1:9:9
 *  High water-binding capacity
 * Reduced risk of water pockets
 * Output rising due to reduce of losses in heat treatment process