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We are honored to congratulate the best employee of the light industry
11 December 2017

Volga Tannery held a ceremony of award «The Badge of Honour of Light Industry Worker» for Nikolay Kapralov.

Nikolay has been working at the factory for 51 years. Everyone knows that tanning includes heavy physical labor and harmful conditions. In addition, work in the leather industry requires discipline, special skills and experience. Nikolay has worked hard and shared his experience and skills with new workers. Results of his work show that regular tanning operator may have the knowledge and such human characteristics to solve complex tasks and make responsible decisions.

Nikolay Kapralov is a professional, an experienced mentor and respectable man. On behalf of the entire team and the Minister of industry and trade of Russia he was awarded by the Chairman of the Board of Directors Alexander Kulikov.

We are proud of Nikolay Kapralovs success! Glory and honor to the workers of the leather industry!