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Victory Day
15 May 2018

    Victory Day – significant date of admiration for the heroic deed of our country and our people. It brings to our hearts the feeling of happiness and sorrow. Our country won the Great Patriotic War and only because of the veterans, we are free. Nevertheless, we will always remember about millions of people, who did not come back from the Front.

      There are no families in Russia, whose history would not have been ruined with the Great Patriotic War. The War broke a lot of lives. This suffering has being inflicted on people, who lived during wartime…

    Our town like many others has been hit by the War. German fascist forces did not occupy it, but until 1943, it was too close to the front line. Many people and facilities were evacuated from Ostashkov, including the Volga Tannery. The factory had to be moved in Kazakhstan. All vacant space was used as storages. A lot of factory’s workers went off to fight. In honor of them, there is a monument “Our veterans” at the tannery, where every year employees start marching.

   However, our soldiers managed to repel the fascist attack. That is our ancestors’ merit. For this reason today it is the day of pride and nationwide sorrow, the day of freedom. On May 9, Volga Tannery’s employees celebrated the Victory Day and participated in marching. We congratulate and commend our veterans for their heroic deed and express the wishes of health and long life.