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Halal certificate
21 June 2018

    VT Pro that produced at JSC “Volga Tannery” got the Halal certificate. This document guarantees that our fibrillary collagen is safe and that its quality correspond with the International requirements and standards.

   People all over the world pay great attention to healthy and safe food. Many people are really starting to think about what they eat. The choice of goods often depends on religious. Nowadays manufacturing of meat products, which correspond with some religious traditions, it is the qualitative and developing segment of the market.

    Goods, which have the Halal certificate, it is ecologically pure production and it does not contain GMO. Muslims and people, who do not take this religion, chose food that is certificated by Halal, because these products have been tested more carefully. That’s why most of consumers give priority to Halal goods and services.