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About the tannery

JSC Volga Tannery (Ostashkov, Tver Region) is one of the oldest factories in leather industry. It traces its origin to merchant Savin's manufacture founded in 1730. Current employees of the factory are the fourth and the fifth generation of Ostashkov leatherworkers.

In the beginning of 2014, the new owners and the management team worked hard to develop main production facilities. The tannery purchased and put into operation new modern technological equipment and optimized the internal infrastructure of the factory: shop conveyance and hoisting facilities, warehousing and automation equipment.

The tannery has eventually become the leading manufacturer of the Russian tanning industry as well as an important player on the international market. It is now operating at full capacity and is capable to achieve a share of 30% of the Russian rawhides processing market.

Being one of the largest employers in the Tver Region, Volga Tannery employs over 1 200 workers and specialists. We take constant care about the ecology, tannery’s workers, improvement of its EMS policy, rationalization of the tannery internal processes.

In December 2014, we put into operation a unique production line of food fibrillar protein powder — bovine protein (collagen). The line allows to diversify production facilities and to use raw materials more efficiently by using most of their valuable components. It is the first production site of that kind and scale in Russia. The most significant advantage, besides its economic efficiency, is import substitution possibility. Before the start of our production the import share of this product in Russia reached 95%.

Strategic value of the tannery is confirmed by inclusion of JSC "Volga Tannery" in the list of enterprises with great impact on branches of industry and trade in the Russian Federation, according to Ministry for Industry and Trade Order No. 1079 dated May 12, 2015.

JSC "Volga Tannery" actively cooperates with federal and regional ministries and state funds, such as Russian Fund of Technological Development, Ministry for Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation and Ministry for Industry and Information Technologies of Tver Region. Active participation in the state program of import substitution is one of the main objectives of the tannery.